When you login to vCloud Availability Portal (SP Portal) with your vCloud Director system administrator credentials, in the “Inventory” page, you’ll see three icons in “Actions” column, what do those icons mean?

Based on VMware vCloud Availability official documentation, if you click the first icon, you can perform “storage migration” management action, the second icon is to let you perform “Scrub Stale Replication” action, when you mouse over third icon, you’ll see “Pose-as” annotation showing up, which means you can “impersonate” a tenant user to filter and drill down into particular tenant organizations, and perform all DR operations available to tenant users. You can find detail explanation here.


Now we are going to walk you through the “Scrub Stale Replication” function in the SP portal, based on VMware official manual’s description, “Scrub Stale Replications” is a wizard driven task that lets you cleanup the stale replications objects that may remain in place. You can delete the staled failover replications from the Inventory page of the vCloud Availability Administration Portal. A replication run is considered stale if either its state is null, or its vApp or VM does not exist.

Sometimes you forgot there are some VMware vSphere replications jobs which have been configured and executed in background, you may just delete those vAPP or VM in the cloud (in your VMware vCloud Director VDC) or on your on-oremise datacenter for some reasons, then the replication task will have a status of error, you can see from the following screen captures that showing the error after you deleted VM without first unprotect the VM.

First you have a successfully running replication task.


my example here is that I deleted the source and destination VM and vApp, then in the vCloud Availability Portal, I’ll see the replication workload showing an error.


clicking that workload, in the right hand side, you can see error messages for that workload.


Also information showing in Tasks tab indicating some actions got red status.


no vApp or VM in my vCloud Availability DR VDC.

error 3

In order for you to remediate this, you call your cloud provider to resolve this issue, they can just login to vCloud Availability Service Provider Portal (portal dedicated for SP to perform some actions on behalf of their customers), in the portal, they can locate your organization (here is T1 in my example) whose replications you want to manage and clicking the “Scrub Stale Replication” icon:

sp portal1

After clicking that icon, the list of all replications for the selected organization opens in a new window as following:


The replications that are eligible for cleanup are displayed in yellow, checkbox the one you want to cancel the task running in the background and click “NEXT >”

fetching 2

the related replication CGID information will show up, clicking the “RUN” to run the job..

fetching 3

Clicking the “Click here” to see the detail information of the running job.


You can see the job has the status of “success”.


This successfully complete the scrub replication job, which means the inconsistency of the running replication task has been resolved.


check again in the “Scrub Stale Replications” icon, there will be no any staled job. This conclude my explanation of this blog topic, hope this blog make you more clear about the   steps required to scrub the staled replications! thank you.